Pipeline leak detection systems (LDS) for the new era.

Powered by sophisticated CPM leak detection technology.
Configured to your operations, hardware + software.
Tailored to your budget.
24/7 field + system support.

Only with the Pipewise LDS.

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pipewise leak detection

01 / System

Introducing the Pipewise LDS.
For single-phase liquid pipelines.

Pipewise's computational pipeline monitoring system (CPM) monitors, diagnoses & reports pipeline operations & leaks, in real time, to your desktop and phone.

02 / Key Features & Benefits

super intelligent CPM leak detection all pipeline data one HMI optimize your pipeline operation OPEX

Super intelligent CPM leak detection.

Pipewise is backed by sophisticated CPM modelling & algorithms for the most rapid & accurate leak detection on the market.


super intelligent CPM leak detection

All pipeline data. One HMI.

The HMI displays pertinent pipeline data, in real time, for efficient Operator monitoring, trending & validation of reported operations & leaks.


all pipeline data one HMI

Optimize your pipeline operation & OPEX.

The system's Predictive Analytics (PA) enables Operators to make data-driven, on the fly decisions regarding pigging, startups, shutdowns, overpressure monitoring & more.


optimize your pipeline operation OPEX

03 / System Performance

Leak detection sensitivity/time.

Pipewise detects leaks as small as 0.5% of pipeline flow rate within 2-4 minutes. It can take a day or weeks with other systems.


Leak detection reliability.

Pipewise frequently reports a false alarm rate of < 1% per month. Other systems commonly report rates > 7% per month.


Leak detection accuracy/localization.

Pipewise localizes leaks within +/- 3km (1.86 mi). Non-CPM systems don't even have this feature.


Put Pipewise to work for you.

It all starts with a call/meeting, we'll demo the system & recommend a solution that's tailored to your pipeline/network & budget.

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04 / Case Studies

Learn how Pipewise reduced the false alarm rate from 7% to 0.31%.

On a midstream company's 6" sour produced water line.

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Learn how Pipewise improved LD sensitivity while improving customer service to the team.

With a large E&P company & their 4” condensate pipeline.

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Learn how Pipewise implemented a reliable and cost-effective system that's tailored to each application.

With a midstream water management company; all at a set price.

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pipewise worker in the field

05 / Services

pipewise worker in the field

With 70+ yrs. experience, our services team has got you covered. 24/7.

We offer system design & configuration.
Testing & commissioning.
Operator onboarding & training.
Performance reporting & continuous improvement.
Prompt, 24/7 support & maintenance.